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Manuel Gimferrer, piano
Otoño 2021 · Studio Streaming Concerts

With you

Mirlo Studio is a Startup in its very first stages, and we are just getting started producing contents for the discovery of classical music.

If you want to hire our services,
write us, and ask about our repertoire and availability. we love working on our programs with our clients.

If you are a professional musician,
an you would like to collaborate with us,
we have projects that might interest you. Contact and we can set a meeting.


In our studio we produce digital contents with classical music,
looking to reach curious audiencesat home, in the classroom, etc.

We are professional classical musicians and we stand for a closer and more direct communication with our audience
our Live performances on stage as well as online. Because we believe that the Internet can be a space
to share valuable moments, beyond artists' promotion.

We are also advocates for fundamental rights on the web such as Intellectual Property and Privacy.

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