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What do we do at Mirlo Studio?

Mirlo Studio is a young project, a Start-Up that looks to the future.
That is why we are open to the opportunities that new technologies and the Internet of Value offer artists to make their work profitable online, and to be closer to their audience.
Formats that we consider today: PODCASTS, eBOOKs, VIDEOS (360º, VR, AR), AUDIBLES, etc.
From our collaborations for live concerts (off-line), we produce our educational content. We are also interested in getting to know the educators we are targeting better, and that is because we are sure that with the opinion of our audience we will create more interesting content, sharing unforgettable experiences for everyone.
At Mirlo Studio we pursue the quality of each experience above other data.

the problem

In a digitalized world, the effects of the global pandemic have revealed some problems and needs that have carried on for some time.
On the one hand, educators need quality digital content. Today it is more necessary than ever to promote innovation in education, through the use of new technologies, and adapted to distance learning. This general educational problem represents a great OPPORTUNITY for young artists to present classical music to the younger generations, which is a universal heritage full of human values. On the other hand, most classical musicians have had to cut back on their live concert performances, and therefore have stopped earning their main source of income.
Furthermore, younger generations largely do not know classical music while they value other types of music, largely because they are unaware of it. It is necessary to present that legacy, which belongs to them, in the most natural and genuine way, also online.

the solution

Classical musicians need to "digitalize" their work, and not simply use the Internet to promote it. If getting to do concerts is more difficult now, obtaining adequate remuneration on 2.0 platforms (YouTube...) is practically impossible for most artists. Therefore, the solution lies in the use of the network for the direct offer of content with classical music to an interested audience willing to pay for them. MIRLO.STUDIO will offer educational digital content in formats that can be used at home (parents, etc.), in academics (from kindergarten to university), and in any environment that invites the discovery and enjoyment of the best music.

We are working on our business model.
We have a space, and means to start our activity, and today we are beginning to create a community of users. The success of our solution will depend on our audience, and that is why any collaborator is invited to contribute to the promotion of the project. Our users will have access to educational content with classical music presented by the artists themselves, and connect directly with them.

our position

MIRLO.STUDIO differs from traditional platforms in several ways:
· The contents will be exclusive and paid, and will be offered in varied and current formats: podcast, eBooks, videos (we contemplate 360º, VR and AR), 'Audibles'...
· Dealing with the audience will be much closer and even personalized, including the possibility of receiving private orders and working on demand.
· We aspire to bring to the educational field on the web, the best quality from the musical and also human point of view. Only in this way, we will be able to sow in the new generations a true love for classical music with the guidance of the interpreters themselves.
So far, we have observed that most educational materials and products with classical music on the web abuse electronic sounds. If classical compositions are used, they are usually not presented with the proper sound quality. On other occasions, these are products marketed by large multinationals that lower the quality of the educational and human experience because they depersonalize it. At MIRLO STUDIO, the musicians present the music itself, and share their work directly and privately with their audience.
· For classical musicians who want to present themselves directly to their audience and share their music in a genuine and private way on the web, MIRLO.STUDIO offers a different and pioneering opportunity, which can also allow them to make their projects profitable.

our team

Manuel Gimferrer -pianist- is in charge of MIRLOSTUDIO, as founder and executive director. In November 2020, he began his solo activities with the support of Georgina Garcia-Mauriño, author, educator and consultant specialized in Internet 3.0 / “Internet of Value”. As an author, Georgina has given MIRLO STUDIO permission to produce and digitally share/distribute more than 30 titles from her catalog (including her collection Cuéntame una Ópera).
During the 2020-2021 academic year, Manuel has also collaborated with singers Miguely García (soprano) and Claudia García Briceño (mezzo soprano).
These collaborations and all related materials are original and completely made and produced by ourselves, have been enjoyed by the subscribers of our newsletter.

In addition to shaping our Start-Up, we are already preparing our winter program based on a project commissioned by the Francisco Marroquín University of Madrid. We also have other projects for the spring, and we would like to expand our business and work with new collaborators, chamber musicians...

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